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04/06/2017 11:03
Foundation Hottentot organises workshop Designing Our Child Friendly City within the Child In The City seminar in Rotterdam, 20st of june. For more information go to:
17/11/2016 13:28
09/03/2016 11:17
On March 22 and 24, Hottentot, together with children from BSO Bimbola, Jacob Marisschool, will make a number of proposals for the redevelopment of the daycare space. Children think about the furniture they need and the interior decoration. They are also going to make a model...
26/02/2016 17:55
Have you seen the exhibition 'Vertical Cities' in the hall of the Central Library? So high can you build anyway? Get inspired by the skyline of New York, Shanghai and Rotterdam and join the * LEGO workshop Skyscrapers. Think about a city of the future and show what you can with Lego. Book fast...
26/02/2016 16:58
The Rotterdam-Builds-event of 4 October has been successful. 120 children and 25 adults participated enthusiastically and built well. Rotterdam has thus received a number of new bridges, high towers, floating homes and much more. Of course, all of LEGO. Stichting HottentottenTALENTENtentoonstelling...
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