Dream city Utrecht

At the end of October 2016, many children and adults have participated and have helped think along about another arrangement of the Burgemeester Reigerstraat and the Nachtengaalstraat. How do they imagine their dream city Utrecht to look like? 

Dream city Rotterdam

In the city centre of Rotterdam, a number of parents and children have designed their own car-free street. Where the emphasis was given to cyclists and pedestrians and more space for green and ‘play outside’ opportunities.  


With the European MakerWeek at Bouwkeet in Bospolder-Tussendijken, around 25 children have participated in the workshop organised by het Lab, Digital Playground Rotterdam and Hottentot.

ArchCity Game

Designs for the ArchCity is based on the Management Game implied by the Delft University of Technology with group 8 from the Tangram primary school in Nesselande. With as a basis: teamwork, activating education and the game. The game is set up with five different roles who take part in the building process of the neighbourhood. 


Proud of Delfshaven!

In April 2016, Hottentot has provided an educational programme to 37 children from the IMC Weekendschool Delfshaven in four weeks. The supervison was provided by the organisation Hottentot, Poth-Piek Architecten & Co, teachers and students from the Delft University of Technology Architecture faculty. The themes that were discussed are ‘a safe route to school’, ‘playing outside in the neighbourhood’, and ‘the layout of school playgrounds’. For every theme, multiple speakers (Gemeente Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology and Drift) were invited to talk about each theme and to act as jury members.

Safe route to school Rotterdam - Zuid

Students form the CSG Calvin College have had a workshop in transport safety/ layout of a school playground. 

Workshop Skyscrapers Bibliotheek Rotterdam

Hottentot has organised Skyscraper workshops at five different sites of Bibliotheek Rotterdam commissioned by Bibliotheek Rotterdam, which correspond with the skyscraper exhibition in Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam.  

Event Rotterdam Builds

The Rotterdam-Bouwt-evenement which took place on October 4th was a success. 120 children and 25 adults (55+) have enthusiastically participated and have built accordingly. Rotterdam has thereby gained a few new bridges, high towers, floating houses and much more. Of course, all built of LEGO. The organisation HottentotTALENTENtentoonstelling has organised this event with Stadsarchief Rotterdam and Museum Rotterdam. Architect Winy Maas (architect from Rotterdam) has together with all the participants given their structures a place in het Nieuwe Rotterdam. 

Childrenparticipation Project Callunapad

 27 children from the age of 7 up to the age of 13 from the OBS Fritjof Nansenschool have participated in the Project Callunpad.

Child friendly school playground

Group 8 students from Onze Wereld in Rotterdam have participated in this project. 

Child friendly route to school

Children from BSO Geelkruid have thought about their own safe route to school.

Dream playground

Children from BSO Geelkruid have first put their own ideas about the arrangement/ layout of their own neighbourhood on paper and have then made a model of their ideas.

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