Hottentot dreams of a world in which children and youngsters create their own environment in which they take initiative- a world where they lead projects and where they then take care of the environment collectively. Adults will be present to coach and navigate where necessary. They also set the right example by setting up their own initiatives from time to time. Governments set up preconditions and provide financial support. Hottentot is thereby the ‘linking pin’: we bring all the involved parties together, and make sure that all interests are brought into the open (no matter how opposing they are), so that eventually 1 or 2 joint interests are then further discussed and elaborated and finally carried out. When words such as ‘participation project’, ‘citizen initiative’, ‘participation’, ‘neighbourhood intervention’, or ‘urban development’ are mentioned, then it should be needles to mention that somebody will say: ‘we need to call Hottentot!’ 

Foto Michelle Muus

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