Proud of my environment  How well do you know your surrounding environment? What would you like to change about it? Is your environment functional? Beautiful? Green? Safe? What can you possibly re-use? In these series of workshops, engineering and crafts will be brought together. Students will...
How does your dream play-set look like? For what age is it invented? Is it exciting enough?  
Children come up with new arrangements/ layouts of their own neighbourhood on the basis of the explanation of an expert. They will then come up with/ make their own improvement in the shape of a model which will then be poured into an artwork.  Pictures made by Maarten Piek
Children make a LEGO city with white LEGO blocks. From low-rise to high-rise buildings, schools, city halls, sport halls to hospitals. They are challenged to think about where cars need to be parked and where green is located.  Pictures made by Michelle Muus en Lidija Poth.  
Children learn the basics of constructions of space frameworks. They learn about what a secure structure is and what is not. When the lesson is over, it will be time for pure deliciousness! 
The youngest children invent their own children’s playground. Water, green and children’s play-sets play an important role. The ability to re-use and to use the imagination, play the most important role.  Pictures by Wendy van Leeuwen and Lidija Poth.  
Children from the younger age groups build their own neighbourhood and children’s farm. Where are the trees, bridges, parking spots etc.
Children of different age groups think along about how to re-arrange a park for the better in their neighbourhood. 
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