Rotterdam has multiple bridges which connect the South- and the North of Rotterdam.


Which one of these Maas Bridges is the longest?

 Erasmus bridge 

B  Willemsbrug 

 Van Brienenoordbrug 


- In total, the Van Brienenoordbrug is 1320 meters long, the Erasmus bridge is 802 meters long, the Willemsbrug is 356 meters long and the Koninginnebrug is 76 meters long.

How high is the highest point of the Erasmus bridge?

A  170 meter

B  210 meter

C  111 meter

D  139 meter

D - The asymmetric pylon of the Erasmus bridge is 139 meters high. The Erasmus bridge is well know as the Swan because of this pylon.

What is the oldest bridge in Rotterdam?

A  Willemsbrug

B  Koninginnebrug

C  De Hef

D  Van Brienenoordbrug

C - De Hef was built in 1927 as a railroad bridge across the Koningshaven in Rotterdam, which separates the Noordereiland from Feijenoord district. The official name of the bridge is Koningsgavenbrug. The bridge is currently not being used as the trains ride from Central Station to Station Zuid through the Willemsspoortunnel.

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