Het Witte Huis has carried the title of being the tallest office building in Europe for a long time. It was the first skyscraper of Rotterdam and is considered (by many) to be the first skyscraper in Europe.


How tall is Het Witte Huis in Rotterdam?

A 109  meter

B 203  meter

C 75    meter

D 43   meter

D - The in art nouveau-style built Witte Huis is in total 43 meters high. On the flat roof of the building, a viewpoint-platform is located, which you can reach with a lift (which was very modern back in the days the building was built).

How many floors does het With Huis have?

A  5     floors

B  26  floors

C  11   floors

D  35  floors

COf the eleven floors present in the building, three of the floors are located underneath the slanted roof. A variety of different decorations and embellishments are present in the hard-stone of the ground floor and the first floor. Decorations such as: flower motives, and on the basis of two corner towers, winged dragons. Rotterdam has many tall buildings. Many new tall buildings have been added to Rotterdam’s skyline over the past few years. The Wilhelminapiek is sometimes even referred to as the Manhattan of the Netherlands because of its tall buildings.

Rotterdam has many tall buildings. Last years, many high buildings have been added. The Wilhelminapier is also sometimes called Manhattan of the Netherlands by its tall towers.

What is the tallest building in Rotterdam?

A  Maastoren

B  De Rotterdam

D  Montevideo

E  Erasmus MC

F  Euromast

F - The Euromast was a 101 meters tall in the sixties. It was tall enough to stick out above the skyline of the Maasstad. But this didn't last long. However, In 1970, the Euromast took back its pride by placing the Space Tower which added a whopping 50 meters to its hight. The Euromast was back to being the tallest building in Rotterdam. 

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