Proud of my environment

Proud of my environment 

How well do you know your surrounding environment? What would you like to change about it? Is your environment functional? Beautiful? Green? Safe? What can you possibly re-use?

In these series of workshops, engineering and crafts will be brought together. Students will be introduced to spacial arrangements, architecture and constructions. They will learn to analyse and design within these disciplines. They will learn about recycling and different materials. Students are going to work as actual painters, furniture makers, designers and engineers. They will come up with/ make furniture, gardens, squares, parks, neighbourhoods and cities. They will make drawings, models and digital 3D models. And of course, students are going to take a look by furniture makers, architects or artists. We will most certainly be very proud of that!

4-6 years: making a model of a landscape or a neighbourhood with LEGO or building boxes.

7-10 years: drawing the funnest virtual route to school or designing a cool garden.

11-16 years: crafting furniture for school playgrounds/ recycling, painting, virtual building/ designing bridges. 

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